Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

A Conditioner and Thickener for personal care products

AIWACON is a high molecular weight, derivatised Cationic Biopolymer derived, grafted & modified from all natural source. Aiwacon has excellent viscosity build up and both hair & skin conditioning properties.


Characteristics :

INCI Name : Guar Hydroxypropyl trimoniumchloride

Appearance : Off-white to light yellow color powder.

pH of 1% soln. : 7 ± 1

Moisture : 11% max.

Viscosity of 1% soln. : 2,200 cps

(Measured by Brookfield Viscometer, RVT Model, Speed 20, Spindle No.4, Temp. 30´C)


Salient Features :

  • Ideal Thickener for clear conditioning shampoos.
  • Compatible with electrolytes.
  • Imparts excellent conditioning properties and substantiality to the hair and skin.
  • Quick build up of viscosity.
  • Good lubricating properties. Excellent moisturization and smooth feel to the skin when incorporated in creams, gels lotions and body washes.
  • Excellent clarity of the solution.
  • Good emollient properties, curl retention and overall hair manageability.
  • Stable over wide range of pH.
  • Exhibits pseudo plastic behavior.
  • No build up on hair
  • Allows formulations requiring pumpability and sprayability.

Preparation of Conquat-GLX : It is advised to prepare the Conquat-GLX solution in Hot water for faster dissolution & Hydration. Add gradually Conquat – GLX in Hot water under high speed stirring. Avoid formation of lumps during addition.

Conquat– GLX solution can also be formed in Cold water. But the Stirring time has to be increased. If required, viscosity development can be accelerated by addition of a mild acid like Citric Acid or Acetic Acid to a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 to this fully dispersed Conquat-GLX.

Recommended Dosage : generally 0.50 – 1 % on the weight of the formulation.

Applications: Shampoos, Conditioners, Lotions & Creams

Shelf Life : 6 months.