Bitumen Emulsions Thickening Agent – Geocol

Geocol is a Non-Ionic Biopolymer based performance additive for all types of Bitumen-Water Road Emulsions. Its main function is to increase Viscosity of Bitumen Emulsion. It also provides enhanced stabilization of emulsion, improved mix with aggregates, control of film thickness of bitumen emulsion & much more.

Geocol comes in form of fine powder. It is water soluble and readily disperses to form a homogenous solution under high speed stirring or high sheer.


Salient Features :

  • Enables reduction of Bitumen composition by 5-10%.
  • Superior viscosity modifier & thickening agent for all types of Bitumen Emulsions.
  • Acts as an Emulsion & Colloidal Stabilizer.
  • Prevents aggregation of Droplets in the Emulsion Phase.
  • Prevents Flocculation.
  • Lends Pseudo-Plastic Behavior to the Emulsion at Storage (low sheer) & improves Flow characteristics during application (high sheer).
  • Prevents Coalescence.
  • Prevents Foaming.
  • Provides Excellent film forming characteristics for the Bitumen Emulsion upon application.
  • Prevents Gibbs-Marangoni Effect.
  • Controls optimized droplet size distribution in both o/w & w/o emulsion types..
  • Prevents Phase Inversion.
  • Provides Uniform Thick Layer on the Solid Aggregates or Ad-Mixtures resulting in durability of applied substrates.