Do you want your bread to taste just like those irresistible breads you see at bakeries ?? then next time try adding wheat gluten as it is the bridge between homemade breads and breads at shop made breads…

Vital Wheat Gluten AKA Seitan AKA wheat meat is a derived from wheat and also its main protein content. Wheat gluten is one of the essential elements in bakery products. It is used in making bakery items such as breads, toasts and many other bakery products.

Wheat Gluten is also used as an alternative for soyabean-based (or soy-based) food products by people who are soy intolerant or have an allergy of soy based food products. The other important and viable use of wheat gluten is that it can also be used as a substitute for meat.


Wheat Gluten in Breads:

Ever wondered what goes into those tasty scrumptious looking breads you smell at the bakeries you pass by?
Wheat Gluten is the #1 essential ingredient used for making breads and bread products.Gluten is the inherent binder that gives breads its strechability and the shelf life so that you can enjoy your bread even 2-3 days after you buy it.While going through recipes for making bread at home you might come through “Wheat Gluten” as an ingredient.


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