Recently, awareness about Sulphate free shampoo is growing as all Hair Experts, Hair Salons and Spa Shops are pumping up their shelf by this type of shampoo. And of course why not, as this shampoo give better results than Sulphate shampoo.

Why sulphate free Shampoo ???

Sulphate based surfactants are commonly used in most of the conventional shampoos and in many cases/brands, even in Baby Shampoos. The Sulphate based surfactants includes the most commonly used Sodium Laureth Sulphate & Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which have mild to harsh action with good cleansing action. Daily use of shampoo with such surfactants often cause hair & scalp dryness and strips off natural keratin layers of hair making the hair look dry, frizzy & dull. Sometimes, applying conditioner after shampooing cannot solve the purpose as the effect of conditioners is primarily for wet and dry combing & detangling. Even most humectants and natural extracts cannot effectively balance the after effects of the said harsh action.

Unlike before, formulating Sulphate-Free shampoos are not as much of a challenge these days, both quality & cost wise. The new-age mild and eco-friendly surfactants have gained popularity and are the prime raw materials of choice such as Glucosides, Cocoamphodiacetates, Sarcosinates, Glycinates & Betaines.


Today, Asian Trade Link serves a complete B2B product supply solutions with a range of private label sulphate free rinse off products such as Shampoos, Face Wash, Body Wash, Shower Gels etc.


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