For any skin care product brand owners aiming at mass-market, there’s no doubt that Petroleum Jelly (also known as Vaseline or Patrolatum) is one crucial product which stands on top slot for volume business and is an essential SKU amongst the bag full of skin care products.

Today, petroleum jelly is more than just lubricating & winter protection. Its used for various purposes which includes baby’s nappy rash protection, soothing of burned skin, cracked heels, dry skin, lip care, hair care, wound healing and much more.

As of now, one can find shelf full of various different brands of Petroleum Jelly sold in every single store and online market place. With advantage of rising customer awareness & growing market, a marketer has potential options to tackle with competition by means of differentiation.

A right approach at differentiation to reach the customer’s specific needs can give rise to an array of product variants and in different sizes. A hypoallergenic range of aroma products with fragrant Petroleum Jelly is preferred choice for some countries, whereas functional differentiation such as extra-moisturizing, cracked skins & heels, suncare, anti-septic and wrinkle-care are also considered.  Apart from most of the conventional active ingredients such as Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, new-age functional ingredients & Herbal extracts are always useful in designing a rightly differentiated product for this product segment.
Continuing better private label manufacturing of skin care products since long, we provide Petroleum Jelly as 100% pure, perfumed and blend with Active Ingredients available not only in conventional variants such as  Aloe Vera, Original Pure, Cocoa Butter & Baby but also in various sizes from 25 Gms to 500 Gms and 4 Oz. to 13 Oz.