Soon to come: Latest range of Construction Chemicals.

Collapse due to bad design, faulty material and construction are not the only issue seen in past many years, environmental hazards also plays an important role in long run. So, ensuring best end results for structural stability in very important which is provided by Constructions Chemicals. It helps to protect from various environmental hazards over a long time. Now, we are adding few construction chemicals in our group so as to meet your demands worldwide.

• Waterproofing Coatings
• Admixtures
• Epoxy & Polyurethane Floorings & Coatings
• Sealants & Adhesives
• Anti corrosive Coatings
• Curing & Sealing     Compounds
• Tile Adhesives & Tile Grouts
• Cement additives
• Sealants
• Performance Grouts


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