Now a day’s everyone is talking about Argan Oil Beauty and as the most useful oil better than other oils in any market, Why ?? Let’s have a look!

Argan oil comes mostly from Morocco argan trees. This is famous not only for its hair oil application but it contains an encore benefits for human skin, face and diet also. Now increasing demand of this oil day by day reminds us to ensure the quality of many products that are available in market by name of argan oil. Don’t be afraid! Just remember few points: Percentage mentioned in Bottle, Color of bottle must be dark , not available at very low cost and it smells very good.


Argan oil is very costly as argan tree does not start producing the fruit until it is 30 to 50 years old and mostly oil is taken out from seeds by local women using old method stone grinder. And by this method it takes nearly 20 hours to produce just one liter of oil. As argan tree is found in a limited area, it’s hard to produce or get this oil in a very large quantity. If you like to see a goat over a tree, don’t laugh about it because it’s the truth and few people used to get this argan seed without any hard work from goat droplets. So next time if you buy argan oil at low rate, do remember about the fact .


Benefits of argan oil :


Hydrates and nourishes dry hair

Provide balance combination of shine and conditioning

Improve growth, strength and elasticity in hair.



High Amount of antioxidant vitamin E better than any other oil.

Reduces marks, spots , acne and reduce early aging.

It acts as valuable therapeutic oil due to good fatty acid profile and high nutritive content.


DIET: lowers the risk of heart diseases, reduced blood pressure


A lot of Argan products are available in market, so choose it wisely and let us know your experience.